8/26/2003: Oops!

Argh. While going through the compiled photocopies that I got from John, I found an illustration of how to install the hardtop. I recognized the clips that are used to hold it on as something i’d come across while sorting parts, and I think I tossed them, not knowing what they were.

<kirk> Khaaaaaaann! </kirk>

Now I have to go dig through a few trashbags of car parts to find them!

Oh well.

Update: I lucked out- as it turns out, the brackets were in my “not 1500” box of parts, not the trash. I’ve looked again at the pictures, and I am sure that is what these are. I’m glad I realized it in time- these are probably impossible to find. I’m actually not that interested in putting the hard top on the car, but it’s a nice accessory to have, or to trade for something else I need down the road..