8/30/2003: Floors Exposed

The floors are now fully exposed- i’ve removed all of the rubber mats which were glued down to the rockers and floor crossmembers.

I managed to get the mats off without doing much damage. In a few cases I tore them slightly, but usually I just made a prexisting tear worse.

We’ll have to see how these clean up- some of them may be reusable, and others will need to be replaced. Used ones are available from Obert, and new ones are available (at a price!) from Re-Originals.

The inner rocker panels look good! Solid everywhere. Generally the floors are in good shape as well, with some rust and pitting, but, for the most part, nothing that really needs replacement.

We’ll see how they look after being blasted though. I’d anticipate at least a few areas needing patching.