1/29/2004: Misc Stuff..

I removed a few more bits off the engine

  • centrifugal oil filter (gunk)
  • oil separator
  • fuel pump
  • oil pressure fitting
I also noticed that one of the bolts that holds down the valve cover has been tapped out to a larger size, so it doesn’t match the other 3. I’ll have to look into that further- it may make sense to have a helicoil put in there when I have the valve job done. Also removed the two stainless trim pieces on top of the rear fenders. This required snapping off all 4 fasteners (requiring some contortion to get to two of them). They can be replaced without too much trouble, so i’m not going to worry about it.

I also tried to remove the stainless piece in front of the rear bumper. I got one screw out, got another to spin, and tried to drill two (with little success).

Will try again with a better drill bit and see how I do.