1/25/2004: Heater Valve II

I went down to my mom’s house and took the other heater valve off the other engine there.

This one had an intact spring and the screws were less chewed up than the other.

The casting that was so corroded on mine was in much better shape on this one, and cleaned up well.

.. Except I found that it has a big crack in it. Gah. I don’t know if I did that while removing it, or if that was there, but there’s no way I can use this as it is.

My next option was to have either of these pieces welded, or to try to find another used one that’s in better shape.

On monday I went to talk to Danny at Fun Imported about this, to see if he had a better core I could start from or something.

As it turns out, he had a new one in stock for a reasonable price, so I decided to just go with that instead. Thus ends the saga of the heater valve.