10/19/2004: Catching up..

I’ve been very busy lately, and haven’t gotten as much done on the car as I’d like. I also haven’t posted much to this site in about 2 months, even though I have accomplished a few things on the car.

One thing I’ve certainly seen as i’ve read other folks sites on their car restoration projects is that this sort of lull is not unusual.. Life gets in the way sometimes, and motivation comes and goes as well.

Well, today I posted 3 other entries that catch things mostly up to where I am as of now.

No guarantees, and no deadlines, but I do hope to pick up the pace a bit on the car. At this point the car is almost completely down to a bare tub. I have plenty of body work to do and components to restore. So there’s certainly no shortage of things to keep me busy. Cold weather’s coming, but I’ll try not to let that slow me down. We’ll see what happens.