8/16/2003: Parts, Parts, and More Parts

My father parted out approximately 3 of these 1500s over the years, so I have a huge number of spare parts, including a complete (rusty) body in two pieces. Most of this is still at my mother’s house, but I will be bringing the smaller pieces home a little at a time so I can sort through them and see what I have. Unfortunately there are a lot of parts for other types of cars (later FIAT spiders, Lancia Betas, and even some renault bits).

I spent a week filling a large dumpster with much of the junk that was in the barn, but tried to save anything that looked like it might go to the 1500.

Now I have to sort through those, comparing them with the car and the parts manuals, and determine which ones actually are 1500 parts worth saving, and toss the rest.

I want to get as many of these parts sorted. photographed, and stored as possible before I start any real disassembly of the car- i’d prefer not to get the parts off the car mixed up with the spares right off the bat.

Rather, I plan to store them away in boxes and pull them out as I restore the corresponding bits of the car, so I can pick the best of each. This means that I need to group them approximately by what system of the car they go in.

The FIAT parts manual groups things as follows:

A: Engine B: Transmission C: Brakes D: Wheels & Suspension E: Accessories F: Electrical L: Body Exterior M: Body Interior Z: Tools

I’ll probably follow roughly the same grouping when I box up the spares, since it makes as much sense as anything i’d come up with.