Keys and Key Blanks

The following information was collected from sources including members of the fiatcabrios yahoo group and, who can supply most of these blanks. Please support them, as their website was very helpful to me.

Each car came with 3 keys:

  • Ignition
  • Driver’s door, fuel door, and trunk
  • Glove Box

If anyone has photographs of the original keys or blanks, please send them to me. I only have the original ignition key for my car, and it’s all rusty, so not the most photogenic.

Ignition Key, 1500 118K

The original key says ‘FIAT’ on one side, and “Sipea / Licenza Neiman” on the other. On the sipea side there is a 5-digit key code. Each digit represents the depth of a notch in the key.

The following key blanks are equivalent to the original:

Manufacturer Number
Ilco NE9
Taylor F74T
Curtis FT36
Silca SIP1
Dominion (DL)NE9

This second set of blanks look basically the same and have the same keyway, but without the pre-cut notches at the end. I believe they can be used as well, though.

Manufacturer Number
Ilco F44
Dominion (DL)SAF5
Silca SIP2

This third series of blanks also appear to be the same keyway as the previous ones (also missing the pre-cut notches) but have a rectangular head instead. I have not confirmed that these will work.

Manufacturer Number
Ilco FT43
Dominion (DL)SP9
Taylor X109
Curtis FT43
Silca SIP11

If you wish to have a key with a plastic head, the blanks used for later fiat 124/2000 spiders should work.

Ignition Key, 1200

This key was used on the in-dash ignition for the 1200 spider, and probably the 1500S and early 1500 as well.

Manufacturer Number
Ilco F38
Dominion (DL)DR61F
Taylor F66A
Curtis FT20
Silca AF7C

Trunk, Door, Lock (all)

Original key had Trama on one side and Torino on the other.

Manufacturer Number
Ilco F91C
Dominion (DL) SF2
Taylor F72X
Curtis FT34
Silca AF4B

Glove Box (all)

This “FS Code” key blank was used on a number of british cars. A round-head version is also available as Ilco 62DS.

Manufacturer Number
Taylor S71B
Ilco 62FS
Dominion (DL)62DR
Curtis UN18
Silca UNI11A
Star UN3