FIAT 1500 Cabriolet [118 K] (1965-1966)

An evolution of the 118 H 1500 Cabriolet.

This model upgrades to a 5-speed transmission and a slightly tuned engine (115C.005, as opposed to 115.005). This change gives an extra 3 horsepower and raises the compression ratio from 8.1:1 to 9:1.

This includes the following changes:

  • pistons
  • camshaft
  • head and valves
  • intake manifold
  • carb
  • distributor
Here are the timing changes:

The 118K is most easily identified by the front grille emblem (which is now round, rather than rectangular). The main change in the interior is the addition of a (mechanically driven) tachometer.

The door panels changed in the later models (not sure exactly when) as well.

See here for specs.