1/16/2005: A New Year, a Little Progress

I’m sorry I haven’t posted an update in a while.

Cold temperatures, family obligations, and various other real-life distractions have kept me occupied. And inertia is also a big factor.

I find it’s really important for me to make myself go down there and do _something_ every day, even if it’s just straightening up.

Here’s a short list of things I’ve done recently..

  • painted disc brake shields, wheel hubs
  • cleaned, wire brushed, and painted the oil condenser
  • Took off the turn signal assembly
  • started to clean the wiring harness. relabeled and checked everything against the wiring diagrams.
  • painted the water pump pulley and clutch with rust encapsulator and under-hood black
  • had the pulley pressed onto the NOS water pump I bought on ebay (from portugal!).
  • Reassembled the fan clutch, with a new brush, replated hardware, etc.

At the moment I’m cleaning up the fan, so I can assemble the water pump completely and set it aside. I’m also going to assemble the front suspension, now that everything’s painted, so I can store that as well.