9/9/2003: Scraping II

Scrape scrape scrape. I’ve now cleared off the driver’s side floor panel, much of the passenger side floor panel, and portions of several of the wheel wells.

My goal here is to expose all of the panels that adjoin the rocker area that I want to have checked out. So i’m not trying to completely remove every bit of undercoating at this point.

I’ve removed the two covers that cover the fuel line, brake line, and battery cable. I’m working on removing the battery cable.

The fuel tank is empty (fortunately). I think i’ll try to remove it (and remove the fuel line) some time soon as well. There’s a lot of undercoating behind the fuel tank which I could scrape off.

Tonight I also removed the rear bumper and ground off the bondo that was on the back panel of the car, just ot see how deep the dent was. Kinda deep. Not terrible, but it certainly couldn’t be filled with bondo :)

I think i’m at the point where I could start looking into shops to do the rocker panel work though. Depending on what they’ll be doing, I’ll decide how much more the car needs to be disassembled first.