8/23/2003: More parts, Filler Removal

Today I went to the barn and took out another truckload of parts. This is pretty much the last of the stuff i’m going to take out- the remaining things I plan to leave there for now- i’ll just keep a rough inventory of them.

Back at my place, I sorted through the parts some more. Everything is roughly categorized now.

I also took the drill to the car and stripped off some of the body filler (bondo). As suspected, it was too thick, and there was some rust under it. I think I can do a better job of smoothing out the metal in these areas, either by working the metal or by replacing it with clips from the parts car.

I also took a putty knife and scraped off some of the loose undercoating to get a feel for what kind of shape the underside of the floor was in. In the areas where it was loose and flaked off easily, the metal seems pretty solid- it’s even shiny in some areas.

This is encouraging. I’ll have to get more serious about removing the undercoating to know for sure though. I’ll probably try heat first, then chemicals if that doesn’t work.