9/20/2003: Miscellaneous

Today I removed the horns and their associated wiring harness (it goes through a grommet in the driver’s side radiator shield thing and connects to a mysterious little unit tucked under the fender. Like the horns, it is clearly marked “made in france”. (blasphemy!). According to the parts manual:

It’s part #4039949. It must be a horn relay.

After that, I pulled the air cleaner housing and the air scoop thing, then removed the exhaust manifold. An impact wrench is invaluable for removing these rusty exhaust nuts. I only snapped one stud, and it was one I didn’t use the impact wrench on. One thing that drove me crazy was that half the exhaust nuts were 12mm, and half were 13mm (the correct size).

Also I removed a few remaining bits of (very unoriginal) coolant hose.

At this point I really shouldn’t proceed without labelling, bagging, and storing these parts I have removed, as they are really starting to pile up. I’ll do it tomorrow, honest!