12/15/2003: Removing the Engine

Tonight I rented an engine hoist and pulled the engine. I removed the 4 bolts that hold the transmission mount to the subframe and transmission and supported the back of the transmission with a floor jack.

I then removed the two nuts which hold the engine mounts to the subframe. I With the steering fully to the left (to give a bit more clearance around the steering linkage), I was able to lift the engine up a bit and then forward to get the oil pan over the subframe. Then I started lowering the back of the transmission and raising the front of the engine.

At this point my cheap load leveller broke and I had to fiddle with it to get it somewhat functional (I reversed the threaded rod, removed the handle, and added another nut to help prevent it from slipping, as the threaded part of the sliding section was stripping out).

At that point I was able to get the engine tipped enough to clear the front of the engine bay. I couldn’t tip it back to a level position once it cleared this, so I had to lift the tail of the transmission up and over the fender.

I put the engine down on the floor and removed the transmission, clutch, and flywheel.

At this point I found that I didn’t have long enough bolts to mount the engine to my engine stand, and had to call it a night. Tomorrow I hope to find some suitable bolts (M12x1.5mm, and odd size) before I have to return the hoist.

Yay, empty engine bay!