1/28/2007: E-Brake Assembly

OK, yes, I know i’m posting this in August.. But still, I did do this in January, so i’m fudging the date a bit ;-)

After I put together the rear view mirror, I decided to reassemble the parking brake. The lever itself was rechromed last year, and everything else just needed to be painted.

Here’s a diagram of the assembly:

I had three of these to look at for reference, and all had black bodies and at least traces of a olive green color on the cover piece.

I could not find any standard color of spraypaint that was even close to that color though. I also looked at having automotive paint mixed up, but again, it’s very pricey.

I decided instead to go the cheap route. I took the original part to a local Sherwin Williams store and had them mix up some regular oil based paint in a matching color. This was then thinned and sprayed on:

I made a new gasket out of 3/32” sheet rubber from McMaster-Carr, part number 8610K83 (Weather-Resistant EPDM Rubber Sheet Plain Back, 3/32” Thk, 12” X 12”, 60A Durometer). This is a good match for the original thickness.

If anyone wants to have this paint made, here is the formula:

I had it mixed in a satin base, and I think that looked fine. You could probably also go with a semi-gloss.