11/2/03: Ignition Coil

I removed the ignition coil from the car and confirmed that, as I expected, it’s not original. It’s an aftermarket US-made piece, rather than the original Magneti Marelli part. I rummaged through my spare parts stash and found two Marelli coils. The service manual mentions two original coils, a BE200B and a Z-TK12A17. I confirmed that one of mine is marked BE-200B, so that will be the one I’ll try to use.

I will have to confirm that it matches the service manual’s specs for primary and secondary winding resistance first though- no sense in painting it out if it’s got a broken winding.

As near as I can tell, the BE-200B is pretty common on all sorts of FIATs and other italian cars, so it won’t be hard to find another if mine is shot. I also don’t have any real objection to using a non-original coil- it’s just going to be painted black anyway, and it hides under the fender, so it doesn’t matter much. But given the choice between an original style one and one that’s not, of course i’d prefer to have it be correct.