4/17/2004: Cleaning, cleaning

Over the last few days i’ve finished de-rusting all the hardware I plan to have re-plated. This includes brackets, nuts and bolts, etc.

This morning I cleaned up the garage somewhat, putting away a bunch of the interior parts I removed from the car a few weeks ago. It’s still a mess, but it’s a slightly more organized mess.

And tonight I decided to scrape a bit more undercoating off the car and to remove the brake/clutch pedal assembly.. It came out pretty easily. I also found something unexpected- I’ve known that i’ll need to do something about the clutch linkage rod for this car. It’s really worn down, and would be pretty sloppy. While I was putting away some other stuff, I found a spare one in a box of grille parts i’d forgotten about. It’s much better, so i’ll be using that one instead.

I’m hoping to get that box of bolts and brackets sent out for plating this week- I still am not sure where i’ll be sending it, but i’ll make some calls and try to figure it out.