7/11/2004: Carb Rebuild

Although my car is a 1966, it has an engine from an earlier 118H car. I am going to keep this engine in the car, even though it’s not technically correct.

One of the differences is that it has this older, simpler carburetor, the Weber 28/36 DCD. Rebuilding it was a very satisfying project.

I mostly followed the process outlined in the Haynes Weber Carburetors book. The FIAT 118H Service Manual was also very helpful, since it had nice photos of the fiat-specific linkage, and contained tables with the specific jetting and float settings for this car.

First, the pictures:


So cool. Here’s a photo essay of the rebuilding process:

Took off the carburetor cover
Look at the crud in the float bowl!

Removed the float pin..
Removed the choke device cover. Note that the linkage was painted black. I’ll reproduce that.

Parts were cleaned in a chemical dip.
Before and after- it really cleans things up nicely.

After completely stripping it down, the body was cleaned in the dip.
Much cleaner now.

Linkage parts from the primary throttle shaft, before.
And after. Painted the linkage parts black, as they were before. Cleaned everything else, and gave the spring a little silver just to neaten it up.

Put the throttle plates back in, with loctite green.
Put all the jets back in, reassembled it, and done!