11/24/2005: Comment Spam

Up until about a month ago, I never had a problem with spammers putting junk in the comments on this site, mainly because I use blosxom, which isn’t a very popular blogging program among non-technical folks, and so the spammers weren’t targetting it.

Well, they’ve figured it out, so there were a number of spam comments advertising various drugs in there, annoying me.

I’ve cleaned out all the bogus comments and have enabled a javascript-based anti-spam measure. This change should be invisible to any normal users, as long as you have javascript enabled in your browser. Please email me if you have any problems posting a comment.

Hopefully this change will suffice for now. I’d hate to have to have folks register to be able to post comments, as some sites do.

Anyway, we’ll have to wait and see. Unfortunately the spammers are engaging in a bit of an arms race, so the rest of us have to cope with this kind of annoyance from time to time.

Just another reminder- please consider subscribing to the site to be notified when I make new postings.

Also- I’ve updated the Other Car Restoration Websites and Parts Vendors pages with some new links.